Outdoor LED | Video Wall

Led Display can provide a flexible, robust, weatherproof solution that allows user to display a variety of images and media in any type of outdoor envoierment, almost any shape and size without any noticeable joins,

Water and dust IP-rated panels can be used outdoor regardless of the season or weather, with high-brightness and option for automatic brightness control, LED solutions can be used in both high and low ambient light conditions (day or night).

Modular LED Panel come in Flat, curved, flexible and even semi transparent designs, custom fabrication to your application including free standing signs , bespoke outdoor structure, or tailored installation

Flexible | Functional | Affordable

Weather you need a mobile solution or looking to integrate a digital experience into your environment, outdoor LED video walls provide a high level of engagement while providing advantageous functionality that complements ease of installation, serviceability and longevity, our extensive line of innovative LED panels are designed to provide user with longevity and performance to get the most out of their investment

Products | Futures That Differentiate

All-In-One Solutions

Fully customizable, affordable- self contained digital led wall, single of double sided with flexible mounting options and wireless controls

Easy Serviceability

Front and rear serviceable products that make future servicing simple and efficient with minimal down-time and uncompermised weather proofing

HD Solutions

Fine pitch high resolution display for indoor envoirment that provides clarity up close with robust enclouser for prolong durability

Ultra High Brightness

Ultra High-Brightness Indoor solutions up to 12,000 NITS for direct sunlight application with energy-efficient common cathode technology



Ground Support Installation:

This method system is a combination of a base-unit, connection bar, and ladder truss that creates a very stable system to support your LED screens in various configurations and offers flexibility in height as well as width.


Wall Mounted:

Some panels have the ability to be drilled and mounted into the wall. This feature adds some cost to the panel but is a great option if you’re looking for an aesthetically clean look with easy maintenance features.


Flown Method:

There are certain requirements that need to be in place in order to fly a screen. Most importantly, there needs to be ample structural support in the ceiling to hold the total weight of the screen. When someone says they want to “Fly” an LED screen, that means the screen will be rigged to an overhead truss system, a ceiling grid, a crane, or some other support structure from above.

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